Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Scariest Ghosts Caught in Pictures

Not  much is known about  this photograph except the couple are now both dead(as u can guess). To the right of the tree in the upper right-hand corner is a  misty shape in the form of a human being.

This picture was taken by Chris Payne of Woodbridge, New Jersey at the Gettysburg National Battlefield in 1988. The picture was taken around dusk. Next to Terri Payne and by the wheel of the cannon can clearly be seen a strange bluish white mist. No other picture on the roll displayed anything similar in configuration. Closer examination seems to indicate a face within the fog. It was not visible to the naked eye.

 The palace was built in 1525 on the River Thames 10 miles west of central London and was one the the places that King Henry VIII lived. Jane Seymour, his third wife, died there giving birth to a son, and her ghost is said to walk through one of the cobbled courtyards carrying a candle. No one seems to know what this ghostly figure represents but according to security, it sure looks like a ghost.

A fireman responding to an accident took this photo in Malaysia. It wasn't until after the pictures were developed that the haunting creature under the bridge was discovered. Could it be the soul of someone that perished in the accident? Freaky.

The following photo was taken at the Crumlin Road Prison in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Today, the prison is only used as a tourist location, but many years ago, it acted as a facility for prisoner execution. In this photo, a tourist hopped inside an empty coffin as a joke. Little did he know that when thid photo got developed, the joke would be on him. A clear image of a ghostly face can be seen next to the man, undoubtedly one of the many that perished in the prison's history.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Ways to Prevent Pimples

Here are the best ways to prevent pimples on your face.

1.Wash your face every time you sweat (with soap if possible).

2.Wash your face  3 times a day with cool water.

3.Try not to eat fat foods and oily foods.

4.Oily foods  make your pimples worse.

5.Drink lots of water .It really works.

6.Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

7.Do not allow  sweat or dirt to accumulate on the skin.

Try to avoid dairy products as far as possible

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How To Get Rid Of Pimples In 3 Days

It is a simple method anyone can use.It is commonly called the TERMINATOR.
Here is how it works.

Get some ice cubes out of the refrigirator.

Wrap them in a towel or a cloth or a paper foil if you like.

Apply thes ice cubes on your pimples and other affeced areas .they will be visible reduced  by the morning.

Repeat this for 3 days. they will vanish.

This is called freezing the pimples.its one of the best ways.
 See my topic on getting rid of pimples overnight in the blog archives


Many people try to  get rid of pimples by using different creams and soaps.BUT the best way is right in their home.UNLESS they brush their teeth everyday.Yes,
because  the best remedy for pimples is TOOTHPASTE.
This is all you need to do.

1.Apply tooth paste to your face before going to bed.

2.Wash it down in the morning.Thats all.

Most of the pimples will be gone and other are very much reduced.. Its the best way.It has no side effects.I have used it and It always worked for me.

It may sting a little but that because it is clearing your face.

Wash you face before applying tooth paste.Try it tonight.( Secretly)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hope you like them

Funny Pictures You must See!!!!!

The Dunlop Face Plant
Baby busy enough not to notice the stink
He not only wants to smell the grass, He wants a facial.
Nice try, But the telivision guys are not impressed.
We came to see the ball in the stands.
These guys are pretty straightforward
Wait!! It was the Dog who drank  it.
Thats what happens if you dont have Breakfast.


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